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Wholesale Foldable Motorcycle Jerry Can 7 Litre Diesel Auxiliary Tank Fuel Bag 2 Gallon

We always export fuel bag 7liter with large quantity,so we have some fuel bag 7liter in stock,small foldable size and save space,inexpensive and very portable are all its advantage.
  • KSD-013
  • Keystar

Motorcycle jerry can description

Fuel bag 7liter is one kind of new foldable fuel container for motorcycles,we make it with thermoplastic polyurethane,which is oil-resistant, anti-static, anti-corrosive, tasteless, leak-proof.To carry extra fuel while riding long distances in remote areas with few gas stations, or traveling on a motorcycle with a smaller tank capacity,could make the difference between rolling into a gas stop,or walking 15 miles.One travel addicts said.It is very important how to carry extra gas on your motorcycle?portable motorcycle gas tank 7 liter can store spare petrol to keeps you riding safely!

Motorcycle gas tank specification 

Burst pressuremore 0.48MPa
Colordull dark green
Air carrying size450X370mm
Inner size of inlet & outlet36mm
Drop height4.50m
Suitable environmental temperature-41℃~+85℃
Carried mediumgasoline,diesel,avgas,jetA1,etc.
Vertical capacity load size380X320X215mm
Horizontal capacity load size430X340X135mm
Surface resistance2×109Ω

Military fuel can details

Product name:foldable motorcycle jerry can 7 litre diesel auxiliary tank fuel bag 2 gallon

Model No.:KSD-013 


Net Weight:about 0.80kgs 

Color:dark green 

Small diesel storage tanks features 

1.Collapsible fuel bag

2.Small gas carrier when they ran out of gas on the highway 

3.Store it mostly cardboard container under seat 

4.Fuel funnel can bend to refuel 

5.inexpensive, very portable 

6.Warranty is 2 years 

7.Lifespan of fuel bag 7liter is 3 to 5 years 

Motorcycle jerry can-Service after sales 

Supply cap or funnel  in free again



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