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Wholesale Flexible PVC Made Pillow Bladder Irrigation Water Storage Tank 10000 Liter

Many people from America and Europe build rainwater catchment system to harvest rainwater to irrigate garden.RAINBOW MADE flexible PVC pillow irrigation water tank as one part of rainwater harvesting system which can store rainwater to irrigate.It can save water bill and will be able to water our garden for free.
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Agricultural storage tanks description

Many people who live in arid places with little rain use trailer to transport water.The vehicles that transport water will not be able to transport water to the fields if there are no roads. and pillow shape bladder irrigation water storage tanks are very popular among farmers in arid areas because the empty water bag is portable and light in weight, it is easy to move to any place in the field.RAINBOW manufacture and wholesale pillow shape bladder irrigation water storage tanks from 50 liter to 1000,000 liter.

Water storage for agriculture feature

Product name

flexible PVC made pillow bladder irrigation water storage tank 10000liter


water storage

Product applications



PVC tarpaulin




Max.:1000 m³/1000,000liter/35314.7ft³


Agricultural tanks other application


2.Animal drinking water storage

3.Fire water storage

4.Rain water harvesting

5.Ballast bridge

6.Water for municipal & fest

Irrigation farming advantage

- Your harvest will be great no matter the weather

- Fertilize with irrigation water

- Save water reserves

- You can water the plants at any time

- Put the tank anywhere that is convenient,such as field, yard, near a well

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