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Where to buy soft water tanks?

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We supply soft water storage bladders mainly used to store water, oil and other liquids. Grey water storage bladders are mainly used to store the waste water after washing-out treatment. Waste water after washing-out treatment is pumped from sewage pump to waste water recovery bladders for convenient transportation and centralized treatment, in order to prevent waste water from diffusing and polluting the environment.

According to its structure and function, water storage bladders can be divided into inflatable pool, self-elevating type water storage bladder, pillow water storage bladder, onion water storage bladder, open type water storage bladder and so on. All products can also be developed according to customers' requirements. 

Welcome to contact us  if you have any question about our products . We can customize shape, colors, sizes as your requirments. Email:

soft water storage bladders

Mobile water storage bladder for irrigation comprises an irrigation component and is characterized in that the water storage bladder and a removable support frame are also included. The water storage bladder is made of a waterproof cloth in a cylindrical shape. The upper and lower ends of the water storage bladder are respectively provided with an inlet and an outlet, and a water valve is arranged at the inlet and outlet. It is composed of a vertical pole and a supporting pole, and the supporting pole is firmly connected with the vertical pole to form a frame structure. The vertical pole is erected around the water storage bladder and connected with the water storage bladder. The irrigation component is connected with the water outlet of the water storage bladder.

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