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What's world water saving day?water storage bladder can help you!

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What's world water saving day?

Water is an essential and indispensable natural resource and environmental factor for all life and social and economic development. However, the population growth of modern society, the rapid development of industrial and agricultural production activities and urbanization have greatly impacted the limited water resources and water environment. In the global scope, unreasonable use of water pollution, water demand is increasing rapidly and the competition among department development caused by water resources shortage further, water environment worsening, has seriously affected the development of social economy, a threat to human well-being.

World Water Day is in order to save the earth's water resources. Lift the water shortage in our country and around the world.

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World Water Day aims to raise public awareness of water conservation, strengthen the protection of water resources. In order to meet the needs of people's daily life, business and agriculture for water resources, the United Nations has long been committed to solving the global water crisis caused by the rising demand for water resources. The 1977 meeting of the "UN Water Conference", issued a serious warning to the world: water will become a profound social crisis soon after the oil crisis in the next crisis is water. In January 18, 1993, the forty-seventh session of the UN General Assembly resolutions, determined in March 22nd of each year as "world water day".


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