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What's usage for collapsible water carrier?

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We can make many sizes of collapsible water carrier with 5liter,8liter,10liter,15liter,18liter,20liter,maybe you can find them around us.

collapsible water carrier

Do you know more about what's usage for collapsible water carrier?collapsible water carrier bag is made of high quality food grade HDPE material which is waterproof,folded in small size, no water leakage, not afraid to drop from high place,they are durable water carriers.

collapsible water carrier bag is suitable for automobile equipment, travel, go fishing, student outdoor hiking, troops camping training, workers field work, etc., and collapsible water carrier bag is widely used. Each item is an indispensable article for people who go out to health and convenience, and is a very practical advertisement gift, and the product has the characteristics of innocuity and environmental protection.

flexible water jug

portable water carrier

collapsible water container 5 gallon for disaster prevention, used in Japan earthquake emergency.


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