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What's features of pillow storage tanks?-feedback from our customer

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One of old customer from Africa,Mr.Mustafa,our old friend,following letter is from him,he bought pillow storage tanks to Somalia government by many times. you can know more about pillow drinking water tank from it.

pillow storage tank

Features and important factors of pillow storage tanks

Several reasons make flexible pillow shape storage tanks ideal vessels or water storage particularly within contexts where water availability is scarce and there need either transport using trucks or harvest rainwater.

The fundamental factors make pillow tanks ideal and suitable over other types of tanks is that:

pillow tanks come with handles fitted for easy of movement.

Pillow tanks are self-supporting when stored with water and collapsible when empty thus making it convenient for use and movement.

The tanks are also fitted with restraning straps that prevent excessive movement during transport.

Pillow tanks each has a relief valve fitted to prevent over filling.

The tanks come in a variety of colors which one can choose from.

Pillow tanks come with input/outlet valves that facilitate filling and removal of water.

Pillow tanks are manufactured using approved materials,which are specifically engineered for the storage of consumable fluids.

PVC storage tank

Some of the benefits of the pillow storage tanks as follows:

*the pillow tanks are ideal for water trucking to populations facing water shortage

*the pillow tanks are be distributed to groups or populations in need of water storage vessels,for example,agro-pastoral and pastoral communities,or any other emergency areas.

Pillow water tanks are reliable,portable and can be carried by means of animal transport such as camel and donkey.


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