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What's collapsible rainwater collection barrels?

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Collapsible rainwater barrel is a kind of container,it can collect rainwater beside your house,then reuse rainwater again,you can put it everywhere to harvest rainwater,it is very environmental and save water resources.

In 2007,we heard from one of Australia customer visited us,we still remember what's he said, you have ChangJiang River and HuangHe River,so you can use a large amount of water freely,you don't have to consider whether your offspring have water or not.This is a severe criticism against us and each of Chinese.

collapsible water barrels

The water resources on earth are limited, and each of us should save water!

Now we would like to introduce our rainwater collection barrels,they are not solid one,it can be collapsible when it is no water in it,which can collect rainwater from roof for garden irrigation and washing car,store liquid fertilizer and breeding fish,its volume range is 50liter,100liter,160liter,250liter,300liter,500liter,750liter,1000liter and 1500liter.

foldable rain barrels

discharge water barrel

There are many usage for collapsible rainwater barrel

As containers are hidden extra ones can be added (linked) or filled by simply moving a hose.

Rain barrels are one of the many ocean-friendly gardening choices you can make.

rain barrels home depot also reduce the amount of rainwater flowing to sewage treatment plants.

We watched TV about Nature and Science Channel and reported the program has greened the zoo's primate exhibit and courtyard by installing rainbarrels and cisterns to harvest water runoff from rooftops.

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