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What matters you need pay attention when purchasing flexible mobile pvc fish tank?

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Summer is coming, and now is the peak season for purchasing flexible mobile pvc fish tank. What matters should you pay attention to when purchasing our flexible mobile pvc fish tank?

flexible mobile pvc fish tank is made of steel frame and screened polyether vinyl PVC fabric.

We need to write down the precautions for purchasing the stent pool for your reference.

First,regarding the steel frame material, How thick steel of pipes are used for the steel frame is related to the size of the pool. The pool is generally 2 to 50 meters long and 2 to 25 meters wide. The pool is bigger and the steel pipe is bigger, so you can choose the thickest seamless rust-free galvanized GB pipe if you make 50 meters long and 25 meters wide. We do not recommend that you go beyond this range,the water pressure in the pool may deform the steel tube and may cause a safety accident if the size exceeds 50 meters long and 25 meters wide,

steel supporting PVC fish tank

Second,there are two kinds of electrostatic spraying and ordinary painting on the surface of the steel pipe. Electrostatic spraying refers to spraying the powder coating on the surface of the steel pipe with an electrostatic spray machine to form a uniform powder coating, which is then cured by high-temperature baking and leveling. Anti-friction, anti-corrosion and anti-sun advantages. The process used for steel pipes is ordinary spray paint. After two years of use, paint and rust will appear. Therefore, before we purchase, we must ask what is the process of steel pipe surface? Then make a choice.

The flexible frame support pvc fish tank

Third,regarding polyether ethene pvc fabric, the industry generally uses high-quality Plato materials as raw materials, the greater the water pressure of the pool is greater, then the use of the polyether polyether ethene pvc fabric will be thicker. If the material used by the manufacturer is thin and common, it may add more trouble to the stent pool maintenance.

Fourth,The quality assurance time for purchasing stent fish ponds is three years.

These details are what you need to pay attention when you purchase a flexible pvc  fish pond. I hope our suggestion will help you.

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