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What is the difference between domestic sewage and domestic wastewater?

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Domestic sewage,it is used dirty water as its name suggests. But wastewater is used water that cannot be reused. In our life,such as sewage water wash, vegetable washing, washing water, etc.; waste water flushing toilets, washing wound water and toxic water.Sewage and waste are relative,and it is big difficult to make pure wastewater.then it is sewage.

The difference between domestic sewage and domestic wastewater is that the pollution of domestic sewage is relatively serious and the recycling cost is relatively high, mainly referring to the water discharged from toilets and toilets. on the other hand,wastewater is less polluting and easier to recycle. Mainly include laundry, bath water, kitchen discharge water.

In fact, most of the water supply and drainage pipes in construction are currently contaminated with sewage. For example, toilet flushing water, bathing water, and hand-washing water are basically joint risers, and it is only when the water reuse system is installed that it needs to be distinguished.

One thing to be noted is that the kitchen wastewater discharge risers cannot be used in conjunction with toilet drainage risers.

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