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What is soft water tank?

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What Is Soft Water Tank ?

As a professional soft water tank supplier for more than 12 years, our self-developed soft collapsible soft water tank provides a new method in oil transportation, oil filtering and oil replenishment. After many years of market research, we got a lot  feedback from the majority of usual customers. The improved products are more effective with the advantage of reducing labor intensity, saving costs and improving efficiency.

Soft fuel storage tank

Types Of Soft Water Tank

A container fluid bag is a kind of soft collapsible packaging container that is placed in a standard container for storing and transporting non-hazardous liquids. It is made of a multi-layer or single-layer polymer composite by heat sealing technology. Because of its foldable, light weight, easy to operate, large capacity, it is a liquid transportation packaging container which replaces traditional metal containers.

Fuel safe bladder used in transportation on heavy trucks, small trucks or minivans. It can make a car dual-use, so that liquid product manufacturers or freighters who do not have a special liquid tanker can also transport liquid products economically and easily. The liquid transportation capacity ranges from 0.5 cubic to 30 cubic meters.

Collapsible pillow water tank is mostly used for temporary or long-term storage of liquid. Because of its small size, light weight, foldability, convenient handling, it is suitable for storing industrial water, drinking water, industrial oil, fuel, food oil and some chemical liquids. The liquid bag storage capacity can be from 0.1 cubic to 100 cubic meters. The pillow water tank can also be customized according to

customer requirements.

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