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What is portable water bladder made of?

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Portable water bladder is made of nontoxic and tasteless fabric material. The  water bags are normally used to contain drinking water, so people must put the safety of water bags in the first place. Most products will use non-toxic and tasteless materials. Some people may use the water bladder to store waste or gray water, we also have non-potable water bladder for you to choose. 

What is the pressure resistance of fabric water bladders?

People often need to stack and transport backpacks with water bags, and even sometimes use backpacks as seats, cushions, or even beds. Using a product that is not resistant to stress will result in terrible results. Will enjoy a wet trip: in my opinion, the water bag must bear a person's weight at least when it is full of water. Of course, the product standard of famous water bag manufacturers is much higher than this.

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Portable water bladder

We also have products with different material like fuel bladder. It can used in industrial applications, constructions sites, and oil and gas operations, these tanks work to easily storage for the duration of your project. 

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