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What is bladder water tanks

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The collapsible gray water bladder tanks are an economical storage solution for the emergency or long time water storage, or non-potable water storage. Here are the features of water bladder tanks.

1. Non-toxic and tasteless materials: Water bags are used to hold drinking water, so people must put the safety and non-toxicity of water bags first. Most products use non-toxic, odorless materials, but some inferior products have a strong plastic flavor after a long period of water. Such products should not be considered better.

2. Water bag's ability to withstand pressure: People often need to stack backpacks with water bags, and sometimes even use them as chairs, cushions, and even beds. Using a product that is not stress resistant, the result will be terrible. You will enjoy a wet trip: personally, the water bag must bear at least one person's weight under the condition of full water. Of course, the standard of the famous water bag manufacturer's products is much larger than this.


3. Choice of water nozzle: The water nozzle of the water bag is very important. It must be easy to open and close, one-handed operation or tooth opening. Also, ensure the pressure resistance when the nozzle is closed. A depressed water bag that I have seen friends, the faucet is so closed that the water pipes should be tied up every time they are transported, otherwise the water will flow out from the water nozzle after the backpack is stacked.

4. Inlet: Obviously, the larger the opening, the easier it is to fill the water. Of course, the larger the corresponding opening, the worse the sealing and compression resistance. Most of the existing faucets use a screw-like opening similar to that of a drum lid. In addition, a few water pockets use the water pocket of the shackle. This type of opening is not expected to be overwhelmed. Of course, it’s really hard to see a roll-up opening like Hydrapak, and it’s a product that can resist the pressure of the car.


5. Water bag hanging ring: Many backpacks have water bag bins, but it is recommended to hang the water bag as much as possible. First of all, avoid the water bag moving back and forth in the bag, increase unnecessary physical exertion, and the transfer center will be slightly Affect the feeling of carrying.

6. Water bag insulation: one is usually a water bag, which can adapt to the spring, summer and autumn seasons. It is more troublesome in winter, and the water pipe will freeze, which is very depressed. Many water bag manufacturers have insulated water bag tubes and water bag sets.

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