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What features does PVC coated tarpaulin for water tanks have ?

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The materials for water bladders are need to be environmental friendly, durable, corrosion resistant. The water bladders for various use from our factory are made of high strength PVC, and the pvc materials. 

What are the characteristics of the PVC tarpaulin?  The properties and characteristics of PVC materials are as follows:

1. The molecular weight is between 5 and 120,000, which has a large polydispersity. The molecular weight increases as the polymerization temperature decreases;

2. No fixed melting point. 80 to 85 ° C began to soften, 130 ° C became viscoelastic state, 160 ~ 180 ° C began to transform into a viscous flow state;

3. Have good mechanical properties. Among them, the tensile strength can reach about 60 MPa, and the impact strength is between 5 and 10 kJ/m 2 ;

4. Poor stability to light and heat. In the environment above 100 ° C or after prolonged exposure to sunlight, it will decompose and produce HCI, eventually causing discoloration and rapid decline of physical and mechanical properties;

5. Chemical stability decreases with increasing use temperature.


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