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What are the features of the soft oil bladder?

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Soft oil bladders, also known as large oil tanks or soft oil tanks, are shaped like a pillow pad, small, lightweight, foldable, easy to transport and install, simple on-site operation, sensitive. Alternatives to conventional iron tanks and tanks are used to transport or temporarily store transformer oil when a transformer is overhauled.

The soft oil tank has a very strong closed performance, can ensure that the stored transformer oil does not come into contact with the air, the inside of the tank added a neutral shielding film, can avoid the storage of transformer oil pollution or moisture.

Compared with the tank, it has many advantages.

1. The maximum volume of each soft anti-fall oil bag is 24,000 liters, the capacity is the same as the tank, but the shipping cost is to ordinary 20 feet of international standard container accounting, it can be seen that compared with the high shipping costs of the tank, the advantages of its savings are more significant.             2. The supply and distribution of tanks are limited by many conditions, often affecting the normal import and export programs of customers, coupled with higher inland ferry charges and handling fees, but also exacerbated the customer's burden.

And the use of soft anti-fall oil bladder is much more sensitive, it is not affected by supply, distribution, geographical and environmental, nor involves inland ferry costs, not only small size, easy to transport, and loading and unloading is more convenient, efficient and safe.

3. The rental fee of the tank (about US$15 per day), the return and cleaning fee (about US$200) makes the customer bear unnecessary financial burden too much, while the soft oil bag does not have this cost, saving the customer the cost of shipping. 4. Relative to the tank source and the shop tight problem, the choice of soft anti-fall oil bag transport is completely do not have to consider the lack of bunk and box source, which ensures that the customer's on-time import and export program, together can also reduce the customer's operating capital.

Product features include:
Easy installation and quick protection, quick connection in and out of the oil port, simple and fast operation, small size, light weight, easy to transport and handling, strong weather resistance, storage of transformer oil without concentration and steaming risk, avoid storage of transformer oil contamination and moisture

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Soft oil bladder

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