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What Are The Applications Of Above-Ground Flexible Pillow Fuel Tanks?

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Since 2006, RAINBOW was founded in China and engaged in researching and manufacturing flexible engineering, and export many series water and fuel bladders to oversea market out of  China. RAINBOW have served many thousands of customers from the whole world in passed 17 years, and have a good reputation among them. We also custom made water tanks and fuel bladders as per the needs of customers except flexible tanks in regular shape we produce. And regular shape water and fuel bladders include pillow shape, rectangular shape, onion shape and cylinder shape, and the like.

Flexible pillow fuel tank is one of collapsible fuel bladder according to Chinese Military Specification.Collapsible fuel tank is specially designed for temporary storage fuel, oil, water, chemical and other liquids. The standard type is made from highly tensile polyester. Frame work material is terylene fabric coated with special polyurethane on both sides. The ranges of capacities are from 0.5 m3 to 800m3.Military Fuel Tank

We can share some features of commercial fuel storage tanks

1.Light in weight and small volume, install easily.

2.Minimum packing size after foldable, and transport and store handily.

3.No contamination for fuel, which may guarantee the quality of the fuel.

4.High strength of the coated fabric, the adhesion up to 80lb/in.

5.High strength of the seams because of the high frequency melt and sealed with the same polyurethane as the tank body, so the tanks have excellent ability against air leakage and its very safety for fuel storage, the tank can be 10% over filled of its rated capacity.

6.Suitable for normal use at ambient temperature ranging from -46℃ to +86℃.

7.Good aging resistance ability, which ensures long storage and service life.

8.Provided with cam-lock type fitting. Accessories include: hoses, valves, ground cloths, repair kits, many other items can be supplied as needed.

Whats kind of liquid can be stored with collapsible fuel bladder?

General chemicals, lubricating oil, additives, transformer oil, plasticizers, synthetic reins, detergent Silicates,emulsions, salt solutions, natural latex, synthetic latex, glycerin, printing oil, base oil, glycols, polyols, white oil, herbicide, fertilizers, coconut oil and rust inhibitors.

Above ground diesel fuel storage tanks have several applications across various industries.We can share some of the common applications as following:

1. Emergency fuel storage

Pillow aircraft fuel bladders are widely used for emergency fuel storage during natural disasters, power outages, or other unforeseen events. They provide a quick and portable solution to store fuel for backup generators, emergency vehicles, and machinery.

2. Remote site operations

In remote locations where access to fuel infrastructure is limited, such as construction sites, mining operations, or offshore platforms, pillow construction fuel tanks can provide a flexible fuel storage option. They are easy to transport and can be installed quickly to meet the fuel needs of ongoing projects.

3. Military and defense

Pillow bladder fuel tank aircraft is extensively used in military operations, training exercises, and field deployments. They offer a portable and lightweight fuel storage solution for vehicles, aircraft, and equipment in remote or temporary bases.

4. Fuel distribution

Flexible aviation fuel storage tanks can be used as temporary storage during fuel distribution processes. This includes storing fuel for transport vehicles, refueling stations, or for transferring fuel between tanks before final delivery.

5. Agriculture and farming

Farmers and agricultural businesses often use pillow fuel tanks to store fuel for farm equipment, irrigation systems, and backup generators. Their flexibility and portability make them ideal for rural and remote agricultural operations.

6. Fuel testing and quality control

Pillow fuel tanks can be employed for fuel testing, quality control, and fuel certification purposes. They allow for conveniently storing and analyzing smaller fuel samples for laboratory testing before larger-scale fuel usage.

7. Fuel transfer and dispensing

Pillow container fuel tanks can serve as temporary storage during fuel transfers, including transferring fuel from larger storage tanks to vehicles, machinery, or tanks in remote locations. This can be useful during fueling operations at events, construction sites, or temporary fueling stations.

8. Environmental uses

Construction site fuel tanks can also be used to store and transport hazardous liquids, oils, or chemicals in environmental cleanup operations, oil spill responses, or containment of contaminant materials.

These versatile fuel storage solutions provide reliable and flexible options for temporary or portable fuel storage needs in various industries. It is important to follow safety protocols, monitor regulations, and ensure proper maintenance practices are in place when using above-ground flexible pillow fuel tanks.

Maybe you want to know how to get farm diesel storage tanks? or can you custom made boat fuel bladder? Call us at Whatsapp +86 15353508830 or send inquiry to us by e-mail.

As one of experienced and professional chemical storage tanks manufacturer in China, we always manufacture pillow shape fuel tank according to Chinese Military Standard,and supply pillow fuel bladder to Chinese Army with large quantity since 2006. We can also meet their requirement if your customer come from your Ministry of Defense, once we faced to many customers with different requirement, so we can meet your needs is our responsibilities and goals.


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