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Water canister and its design

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A water container, pitcher, or jug is a medium-sized portable container used for the transport, storage, and use of water.Large plastic bottles are sometimes called "jars".For example, jugs can be used for drinking water, waste water or showers.Water jugs are used for hiking, camping, boat trips, cabins without running water, or as household drinking water reserves for emergencies.Jugs come in many different materials and shapes, but are usually made of hard plastic and are square or rectangular in shape.Typical volumes for domestic use are around 5 to 25 litres.If the water is used for drinking, the plastic in the jars, screw caps and taps (also known as faucets) should all be food safe.

Design Water canister

Jugs come in many different sizes, some of the most common domestic volumes are 5 liters,10 liters, 20 liters or 25 liters.There is no universal standardized shape or size.For example, some jars are designed to stack together easily yet sturdily.Stackable water containers typically have thicker walls to withstand the added weight when stacked on top of each other.There are also collapsible designs that fold up when not filled with liquid.Jugs usually have a handle for easy portability.Some jars are marked with lines (eg in liters) to indicate the current amount of liquid, but there are also jars that do not have any level markings. Jugs are usually made of plastic, such as polyethylene or high-density polyethylene, while lids and faucets are usually made of polypropylene or polyethylene. Some jars have vent holes that can be opened to avoid shaking when emptying the container.Large jugs may require a bung wrench to open (similar to barrel.

Use for other liquids

Some pitchers and similar tanks are suitable for storing other liquids, such as many types of acids, alkalis, salt solutions, and oils.

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