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Water Bladder Pillow Tanks Shipping To Malaysia Again

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Today we packed and shipped 40 pieces of water bladder pillow tanks to Malaysia again. Thanks our old client for intriducing this customer to us, and thanks Eric for trusting. 

These pillow water baldders are in large capacity which are made of high quality tarpulin cloth. We will always here for you if you need collapsible, flexible bladder storage tanks.The water bladders provide you an ideal solution for temporary or long term storage of water, or other liquids like oil, chemicals.

We rainbow can provide pillow water bladder tanks, drinking water bladder, grey water bladders, onion water tanks and fuel bladders etc. Available in customized sizes and specifications which depends on you location and space.

Many additional options and connections are available. Contact us for potable and non-potable water bladder tanks and liquid storage solutions.

pillow 5000L 7.9 新闻用


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