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Water bladder for truck bed

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Liquid storage bladder for truck bed, cooperate with automobile, is mainly used for transportation of liquor, food additives, fruit juice concentrator, pharmaceutical and other food-grade liquids; brine, industrial water, latex, herbicides and other industrial-grade liquids.

Water bladder for truck bed is made of polyurethane (TPU) coated cloth with high strength, piercing resistance, tear resistance and good low temperature resistance. It is made by high frequency welding or thermal synthesis.

Performance characteristics of water bladder for truck bed:

(1) Anti-wear, flame-retardant and anti-ultraviolet materials are added to the outer surface of the soft pot, which has superior performance.

(2) Corresponding inner coating materials can be selected according to the chemical characteristics of the liquid to ensure the original characteristics of the bearing liquid.

(3) It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, non-toxic and tasteless, non-polluting water quality, aging resistance, good water resistance and long service life.


(1) Water bladder for truck bed breaks through the traditional transportation mode and is suitable for general transportation vehicles such as agricultural vehicles, pickup trucks, vans, flat cars, etc. The vehicles do not need to be refitted, are easy to operate and have good interchangeability;

(2) Folding and withdrawing the capsule after arrival, the vehicle can still transport other goods, reduce the vehicle no-load rate and reduce the cost;

(3) Army green, sandy yellow and black are the standard colors for enterprises. If there are other color requirements, they can be customized.

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