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Vehicle transport TPU fuel bladder

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The vehicle transport fuel bladder is made of TPU high polymer composite material, which is bonded with fuel resistant adhesive. It is wear-resistant, flame-retardant and soft, and can be folded at will. It is very convenient for storage and has a long service life. The product is mainly used for water storage and is the best equipment for water transmission. Next, I will give you a detailed list of its characteristics.

The transport fuel bladder is small in size and light in weight, which is very convenient for transportation, handling and maintenance. Its water inlet and outlet are all connected by quick joints, so it avoids the tedious use requirements, is easy to operate and fast, and is very suitable for the rapid development of various industries. 

In addition to these basic characteristics, in terms of the use environment, it also has a strong ability to resist the climate, not limited to regional conditions, even in remote and cold areas. The water stored in the fuel bladder is not dangerous to evaporate, but also can prevent water from being polluted. It is a safe and worry free fuel carrying container.

During the transportation, the car body will not be damaged due to the bad road surface, which extends the service life of the car. The characteristics of folding storage reduce the space consumption and make it convenient for people to use. It also has good sealing property, so it can be used to store some liquid materials with pungent smell in addition to water storage. 

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Vehicle transport TPU fuel bladder


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