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Vehicle storage bags

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Vehicle storage bags are used to transport liquids in heavy trucks, small trucks or vans. The utility model can make a vehicle dual-purpose, and the liquid product manufacturers or freight forwarders who do not have special liquid tank cars can also transport the liquid products economically, easily and conveniently. Commonly used truck models are Steyr, Futian, Leap Forward, Liberation, Ivic and Pickup. Transport liquid capacity ranges from 0.5 cubic to 30 cubic.

Vehicle-borne water bags are becoming more and more popular in transportation industry. They are made of PVC polyester composites with professional equipment and advanced technology. They are mainly used for water filling and play an important role in water transportation, especially in hilly, mountainous and plateau areas. Vehicle water atorage bag can be customized according to various types of vehicles. It replaces the hard cans such as heavy, rusty and short-lived tin cans. It will not damage the body and reduce the life of vehicles because of poor road surface in transportation. When not in use, it can be folded and stored, eliminating round trip transportation. It also has good sealing and corrosion resistance, and can be used to store various liquids.

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Vehicle storage bags

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