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The main materials of water bladder

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The main materials of water bladder are as follows:

1. TPU - TPU is a kind of environmental protection and weather resistant material, which can hold boiling water. It has now become the mainstream of water bladder;

2. EVA is a kind of toss resistant material with high toughness, which is used more in some non-potable water industries.

3. PVC is a low cost material, which is mainly used in some non drinking and water holding devices, such as bathing bladder bags, etc. 

In fact, it is better to use TPU at present. Generally, it depends on whether it can withstand the pressure without water seepage. Generally, it needs to pass the automobile pressure and the limit of anti extrusion damage is at least 55kg. Only when there is no water leakage can it be qualified. Usually, it's enough to choose 2L if you go out for camping. If you go into desert or deep mountain, you can take more water bags and choose 3L water bags. When you meet clean water source, you can pack more, drink on the road and wash at night.

Combined with professional water bag backpack, it is easy to carry. simple inject, easy to drink, soft and comfortable to carry. The tourism water bag can be used many times. The nozzle of the water bag is very important. It is necessary to open and close easily, operate with one hand or open the teeth. The safety and innocuity of water bag must be put first. Food grade, odor free, clean, easy to clean are always be used as a benchmark to evaluate the quality of a water bag.

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