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The development of biogas business

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In the last 10-15 years, the state has invested 2, 30 billion yuan to build many biogas projects, built more than 40 million household biogas, and build 500-600 large and medium-sized biogas projects every year. At present, household biogas has become saturated, mainly for three reasons.

The first aspect is that urbanization and rural populations have entered the city, resulting in not many people living in many places. It is meaningless to redevelop biogas in such places.

The second aspect is farming, and there is a shortage of raw materials for household biogas. In the past, household biogas raw materials were mainly used to disperse pigs, raise chickens, and raise feces from cattle. At present, with the large-scale development of farms, they are either not raised or raised on a large scale, so many places lack raw materials.

The second aspect is closely related to the development of concentrated living in rural areas. Everyone concentrated and lived, neither raw materials nor local development of household biogas.

This is the trend of household biogas, and there are still many developments in some mountainous areas in the future. There is also a relatively large number of retail investors that have a potential for development.

After 10 years of development, large and medium-sized biogas has increased by 20 times compared with 10 years ago. In particular, biogas projects for waste disposal in farms have been built. But there are still some problems.

China's biogas subsidy is different from Germany. Germany's biogas project mainly subsidizes the on-grid price of biogas power generation, and can earn money by generating electricity online. The owners of biogas projects on farms or farms can't make money by planting corn, wheat, soybeans or other crops, or they can't make money by raising cows and raising pigs, but building biogas projects can still make money, which is the most important thing to promote their biogas development. power.

The purpose of building large and medium-sized biogas in China is to develop renewable energy and to reduce pollution in farms. Because biogas technology is an effective means of treating farm manure sewage. Generally speaking, high-concentration aquaculture wastewater must be treated by biogas fermentation or anaerobic digestion. Therefore, the owner of the biogas project mainly pays attention to the treatment of manure, and does not attach much importance to the amount of biogas produced.

On the other hand, as a farm, the produced biogas is used as energy for farm life, such as cooking, bathing, etc. It can be used only 10%-20%, and most of the biogas is used. It is also a problem. Because of the power generation, we must first consider the quality of grid reception and electricity. This involves an investment problem. According to the Renewable Energy Law, grid companies need to connect the grid to the place where electricity is generated, but it is difficult to do now, and the investment cost is high. If the farmer owns the investment, it may be higher than the funds for building the biogas project. Therefore, the farm owner cannot invest so much money for the power generation, and the approval process is also cumbersome. It is difficult to get approval. Because it is more difficult to generate electricity online, the electricity generated can only be used by itself.

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