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The composition of flexible frame support pvc fish tank

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The flexible frame support pvc fish tank consists of three parts: fabric,steel frame and water purification system. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the selection of the three materials.

The flexible frame support pvc fish tank

1.Lattice polyether vinyl PVC cloth

We use 0.9mm1000D blue PVC mesh cloth to produce flexible frame support pvc fish tank,which is the best quality PVC material in the market, and has stronger tensile and waterproof properties than common materials. As the main body of the sink basin, the quality of raw materials will directly determine the quality and life of your entire fish tank.

2.Seamless rust-proof galvanized steel frame

The frames of the fish ponds are all seamless rust-proof galvanized steel tubes. The process is relatively complicated and the equipment requirements are higher. However, the products are more durable and safer than the seamed steel tubes, and the fracture coefficient is smaller. The entire holder is also electrostatic powder sprayed. The spraying effect is superior to the market painting process in terms of mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance.

steel supporting of pvc fish tank

3.Water purification system

Advanced water purification system, the problem of water is no longer annoying. A more scientific and economical water treatment system allows you to exchange water throughout the summer and achieve a better return on investment with lower operating costs.


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