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The advantages of liquid bladders in transportation:

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The advantages of liquid bladders in transportation:

1. The liquid bladder is greatly reduced compared with the high shipping cost of the oil tank.

2. The supply and distribution of tanks are subject to many conditions, which often affect the normal import and export plans of customers, coupled with higher inland ferry freight and handling costs, which further burdens customers. The liquid bladder is not affected by supply, distribution, area and environment. There is no inland ferry fee, small size, convenient transportation, convenient loading, unloading, high efficiency and safety.

3. the rental fee of the tank, the return fee and the cleaning fee also allow the customer to bear an excessive economic burden, and the liquid bladder does not have the necessary cost, which greatly saves the shipping cost for the customer.

4. Relative to the problem of tank source and cabin tension of the tank tank, the liquid bladder is used for transportation. There is no need to consider the shortage of the space and the source of the tank, and the customer's on-time import and export plan is further ensured, and the customer operation cost can be reduced.

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