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Some things need to consider when soaking seeds

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We tell you soaking seeds before planting,but do you know more about it?Here is some things to consider when soaking seeds.

*First, which seeds are most appropriate for soaking?

Answer is big seeds.wrinkled seeds. Seeds with hard coats. In the vegetable garden, this means peas, beans, corn, pumpkins,squash,even chard and beets.but some smaller seeds are hard to handle once their soaked,like lettuce, radishes, carrots,and so farmer do not really need it anyway.maybe you ask us if flower seed need to soak? We can tell you sunflower, lupine, sweet pea and nasturtium take well to soaking.

Soaking seeds barrels

*How to soak seeds? 

This is the easy can put the seeds into collapsible water tank for soaking. You can also put seeds in flexible water barrel with zip-lock with just enough water to keep damp and then sealed the bag. Many garden how-to texts suggest using hot water. We suggest you must make caution the water can’t close to the boiling point,or seeds will be “ cooks“ to eat if water hold at a high temperature for so long time,55 to 60 degrees warm water will reduce the soaking time, which means you should pay extra attention.

*How long to soak?

How long enough for the seeds to swell but not so long?they might begin to sour and rot if you soak seeds too long.Overnight is usually good.Many sources recommend 8-12 hours and no more than 24 hours. the soaking time will decrease  if you use warm water. We’ve always liked to use warm water and start the soaking at bedtime, then plant seeds to garden in the morning.


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