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Soft foldable fuel bladder tank

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The soft foldable fuel bladder tank manufactured by our company has been widely used in power system. In power system, it is mainly used for oil exchange, oil filter and oil supplement inspection of main transformer or immersion equipment in repair and rush repair work substation.

 In power generation system, it is mainly used for oil exchange of turbine oil of gas turbine or water turbine. It provides a new means and method for temporary oil storage. 

After many years field application and feedback from power customers, the improved products will play a more effective role in power transformer overhaul work to reduce labor intensity for overhaul personnel and save energy. It provides an effective tool to improve work efficiency.

Compared with the traditional metal tank, it has obvious advantages. Soft foldable fuel bladder  tank has the characteristics of light weight, small volume after folding, easy handling, good storage, surface maintenance (without tank cleaning and anti-corrosion). It will be a good choice to replace the traditional tin can.

The material of foldable fuel bladder tanks are high strength polyester polyurethane flexible polymer composites provided by professional material manufacturers. The structure is pillow-shaped, up-down-row, diagonal circulation, automatic exhaust, etc. Our soft foldable fuel bladder tank has been praised by the relevant leaders and our national customers in the practical application of the power system from all over the world.

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