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Send 20ft Container Of Foldable Water Tank For Soaking Seeds Today!

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Water tank used for soaking seeds in agriculture is a new application,the new idea from one of customer because his customer need it to soak sunflower seeds and rice seeds on him farm,the one has a big farm in Kenya.

foldable water barrel for agricultural planting.jpg   collapsible water barrel for soaking seeds.jpg

We will load and ship one 20ft container to QingDao Port we can show some pictures here.

New style of water tank is new product for us,so we will do our best to spread flexible water container for soaking seeds to each of customers,we have many customers engage in agricultural field,we always supply water tanks to them for irrigation and storage drinking water for human,storage drinking water for livestock,most of them have farm and plantation,so they are our big clients in ture.

flexible barrel for soaking seeds.jpg shipping flexible barrel for soaking seeds.jpg

Please let us know if you have interested in it,and if you have customer need barrel for soaking seeds,our e-mail to us by any one of them.     WhatsApp:+86 15229242032    WhatsApp:+86 13201555591

We will quote for you within 24 hours once you send inquiry to us.


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