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Rubber water bladder tank

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What is rubber water bladder tank?

The rubber water bladder is an oil carrying container which is bonded by an oil resistant adhesive tape. It is mainly used to carry fuels such as gasoline and diesel. The rubber water bladder has the characteristics of light weight, foldable, wear-resistant, anti-fall, strong environmental adaptability, convenient carrying and simple use. The inlet and outlet ports have an inner diameter of 36mm, which is suitable for filling with a grease gun. The oil port of the rubber water bladder is sealed with a bevel to ensure reliable oil seal. The outer wall of the rubber water bladder is treated with no light and flame retardant, and its color is dull green, or other colors.

Its technical parameters are the same as the technical parameters of the 20L rubber water bladder.

How to use rubber water bladder tank?

When filling with a grease gun. A rubber water bladder should be carried (the rubber water bladder should not be lifted off the ground). The filling volume should not exceed 7L. Or lift the rubber water bag off the ground, the oil no oil spill is the maximum filling amount. Filling different fuels should be marked accordingly. It is recommended that the same rubber water bladder can only be filled with one type of oil.

rubber water bladder tank

How to carry rubber water bladder tank?

1) Place it directly in the trunk of the car: first remove the sharp objects inside the car, and lay a piece of tape, canvas, etc. Try to get close to the front of the car to prevent punctures during sudden braking.

2) Attach the hand to the side panel of the car with a rope through the rubber water bladder.

3) Placed in the special frame of the flat bucket of the transport vehicle.

How to filli the vehicle with fuel in the  rubber fuel bladder tank?

When filling the vehicle with oil, first open the oil port cover, lift the rubber water bladder with one hand, and hold the lower handle with the other hand, and fill the fuel filler port against the fuel tank. For a vehicle with a tank mouth deeply buried in the vehicle body, the bellows can be taken out from the rubber water tank filler port and screwed onto the fuel filler port, and the bellows is inserted into the tank mouth first, and then refueling is performed.

Rubber water bladder tank recycling:

The used rubber water bladder should be recycled in time for further use. After the rubber water bladder is unloaded, screw the bellows into the oil port. It can be rolled up or stored flat in your basement.

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