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REMINDER!!!COC Certificate Is On-Line Since 1st May Of 2017

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Reminder!COC certificate is on-line since 1st May of 2017

We shipped 120pcs water bladder 10000liter to Kenya by one 20ft container last Thursday,we are in charge of supplying COC certificate by SGS branch in China

collapsible irrigation water tank.JPG

We require SGS supply original COC certificate today,as we known SGS always supply it.but SGS staff write following message to us.   

We do not print CoCs anymore as from 1st May. The public copies you receive through email are the ones you forward to your agent.

Once CoC has been issued, data is automatically transferred to KEBS system, importer proceed with clearance with the IDF, CoC data will be retrieved by KEBS officers

E-Certificates are now in use for clearance of goods at all entry points, They CoC will be effective within 3 months.

packing of water bladder tank.jpg

packing of collapsible irrigation water tank.jpg

packing of irrigtion water bladder.jpg

loading to container.jpg

Please reminder this detail if you are from Kenya.

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