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rainwater tanks bladder and collapsible rainwater barrels are used in Australia commonly

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Australian consciousness awareness of saving water is very strong, a lot of people are in the habit of taking a bath, put a bucket under the shower, or install a software and foldable water storage bag outdoor to collect the bath water, can be used for bath water watering or cleaning and cleaning washing. Or out of the house to install a portable and flexible water storage tank or collapsible rainwater barrel to collect rainwater from roof, then water garden, car etc. It can be said that people in water-saving, it is to do everything possible to save the province. To treasure and save every drop of water has become a habit of their life.

Harvesting rain from roof with water barrel

If you use the dishwasher in Melbourne, then you're sorry, you're against the law.

If you want to clean your car in Canberra, I'm sorry, you're against the law.

You can't water flowers except for Wednesday and Sunday in Sydney! Otherwise, you are against the law!

You can see signs of "water saving" are everywhere in China's public areas, , but in Australia it has been used more thoroughly.

harvesting grey water with pvc water bladder

Australia is located in a large dense forests, but not because of their own advantages because of dry weather and blinded by lust for money, evaporation, so Australia is a relative shortage of water resources in the country. In order to solve this problem, Australia has set his sights on the surrounding seawater, seawater purification separation technology for residents of drinking water by extraction, edible water shortage to solve the problem caused by drought.

We can make many kinds of collapsible water bladder,and export them to oversea market for 11 years.please let us know if you have interested in bladders,we can send sample to you firstly.


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