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PVC tarpaulin water bladder tank

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With 13 years experience in all kinds of water bladder tank supply, we have pillow water tank, rectangular water tank /bladder, onion shape tank, fuel storage tank, fish tank and etc. Besides, we accept customized service for different material, shape and size.

All water tanks are used by a variety of industries, such as agricultural, industrial, fish farm, water purification, aquaculture projects, domestic drinking water, store industrial water, fire water, fire fighting, rainwater harvesting, irrigation water, humanitarian, concrete mixing water, drinking water, slope green water, sewage water storage , oil well cementing and etc.

Main advantages our pvc tarpaulin water bladder tank:

1.The weight is lighter; its weight is only of 10% or 2%-5% of the steel oil tank of the same volume.

2.It is convenient to be used, unfolded, removed and conveyed.

3.It is taken a small space to storage but operation rate when in use is high.

4. It has excellent pressure resistance and air-tight performance.

We have professional factory and excellent staff, workers and great QC team,each step of our products is in compliance to the standards. You can trust on us if you are looking for water bladder tanks. 




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