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PVC Frame Round Shape Fish Pond Shipped For Uganda Customer

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Our newly developed circular PVC fish pond with steel frame shipped to Uganda. 

This kind of collapsible fish pond has many sizes and we can also offer you customize service. After sending pictures and videos to customers, they like this fish pond very much. Two weeks ago, Ugandan customer Rebecca K. placed an order for 10 sets of 2.6 x 1.0m fish ponds. As Uganda is a landlocked country, where transportation is very inconvenient. Guests have their own transport agent in Guangzhou. We delivered the goods to Guangzhou on October 4. 

What's more, our customer from Japanese purchased a batch of 5.0 x 1.0m fish ponds for breeding koi in August.

Specification of PVC collapsible fish pond:

Code        SizeStandpipeThickness of pvc   tarpaulinVolume
        (m)     (pcs)                    (mm)(m3/liter)
   1     1.5x1.0m         8                     0.901.80/1,800
   2     2.0x1.0m         10                     0.903.10/3,100
   3     2.6x1.0m         13                     0.905.30/5,300
   4     3.0x1.0m          15                     0.907.00/7,000
   5     4.0x1.0m          20                     0.9012.00/12,000
   6      5.0x1.0m          20                     1.0020.00/20,000
   7      6.0x1.0m           23                     1.0028.00/28,000
   8      7.0x1.0m           27                     1.2038.00/38,000
   9      8.0x1.0m           31                     1.2050.00/50,000
   10      9.0x1.0m           35                     1.2064.00/64,000
   11     10.0x1.0m           38                     1.2078.00/78,000

The collapsible fish pond is very popular with customers from all over the world. If you need such kind a fish pond, please contact us



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