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PVC Coated Tarpaulin Floor Installation

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Compared with traditional pvc flooring, our pvc coated tarpaulin flooringis more convenient  while installation. If the quality is the life of the product, installation is necessary to ensure a longer service life. Basic ground conditions to be noted when laying PVC floors. If you are a small user, it is not difficult to install it yourself. If you are a large user, you can contact the vendor for installation services.

A. Ground install requirements:

(1) The self-leveling material must be constructed and dried;

(2) Independent and complete construction space, it is forbidden for anyone to destroy or pollute the completed self-leveling under any circumstances;

(3) Closed and clean construction space, and the constructor must clean the ground again before installing the floor;

(4) Maintain uninterrupted power during construction.

(5) If there is a phenomenon of cross-construction, it must be guaranteed as follows:

Other construction processes are dust-free, for example, the process of spraying paint is absolutely prohibited;

The construction workers of other construction processes have no contaminants and the tools used are not polluted;

The work of other construction processes shall not destroy the floor construction work that has been completed or is in progress.

B. The pvc floor laying install steps:

(1) Calculate according to the construction drawings according to the product model;

(2) The ground line is drawn out of the area to be laid. Clean the corners, the corners, the mats, and the wall surface of the upper wall;

(3) Cutting according to the selected model selected in the appeal area;

(4) brushing the glue within the range in which the scribe area is ready to be laid;

(5) Separate the floor from the two ends separately;

(6) Using a large roller to crush the finished ground and completely extrude the air from the floor;

(7) Clean up the ground and pass the quality inspector to check the construction.

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According to the feedback from the dealers, the user is more concerned about the stability and service life of the dance floor. If it is a small area of the ground installation. In particular, Maijieke provides consumers with special construction tapes - cloth-based double-sided tape, even for inexperienced installers, as long as the ground is kept on the foundation, good results can be achieved after laying. Moreover, the tape does not damage the foundation.

Just contact us if you have any question about our pvc flooring.


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