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Pumpkin Water Tank Open Top Water Reservoir

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The punmpkin tank is also called onion tank. It is open on the top and it can be used as reservoir. 

With following features, it has been used in many areas for diverse usage.

1. Rugged, lightweight portable tank for multi-purpose use in both remote and rural areas

2. Self-supporting and simple to use

3. Customized large diameter with rugged industrial fabric

4. Open on the top, easy filling and easy discharge

5. Can be setup by one or two people with less time

This kind of pumpkin tank open top reservoir mostly used as a portable water containment for fire-fighting by fire departments and forest fire control agencies. It can also work in the field like temporary water storage in construction site, emergency water storage.


Water relay tank, irrigation water storing

Long or short-term water storage

Protection of urban interface exposures

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