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Potable water container can assist water shortage in Africa

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The world water survey says that Africa's 1/3 population in Africa is potable water shortage,so we have big market in Africa,we supply collapsible drinking water storage tank 10000liter to UN for Somalia market,potable water storage bladder can supply drinking water under condition that people in emergency or refugees.meanwhile we can also supply portable water carrier to Africa market.

pillow drinking water tank 10000liter

draught field

Afica rivers are facing a great threat as a result of global warming, which will result in 1/4 of the African continent will be in the end of this century in a severe water shortage. The report found that the channel on the African continent was highly sensitive to changes in rainfall. In western Africa, even a small drop in precipitation would result in a 80% drop in river flow, which could lead to what scientists call the "water refugees".

water carrier on headwater carrier

Africa has 1/3 people without access to drinking water now, while nearly half of Africans are sickened by drinking unclean water. And the issue of water resources is likely to be the trigger for disputes or conflicts among some African countries. Many rural women and girls in sub Saharan Africa and other parts of the world have to walk several kilometers a day to find water. Because of the physical labor, these women and children have no chance to receive education, family and struggling for the day.

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