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Potable Water Bladder Tanks

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Our potable bladder water tanks are constructed using a robust fabric material that offers a high resistance to UV rays, heat, cold, and other outdoor storage conditions. This kind of fabric has meet the  compatibility requirements for storing drinking water. 

Drinking Water Bladder Benefits:

  • Folds flat and compact when empty

  • Drinking water approved interior

  • Multiple sizes and styles

  • Easy to transport

  • Fast set up in the event of an emergencyPotable Water Bladder Tanks

Except our potable water storage bladder tank options, other collapsible tanks are also available for the storage of heavy fuels in flexible fuel tanks

We can also supply other water bladder tanks for multipal uses as follow:

1. Water bladder is used to transport liquid materials. The water bladder is suitable for liquid transportation in areas such as mountainous hills. Water sac transporting domestic water can improve the quality of domestic water in mountainous hills. In addition, liquid water sac can be customized by car, which can meet various types of vehicles, and can replace the high cost but easy to rust, heavy iron bucket, making transportation more convenient. .

2. The water bladder can store and transport drinking water or bulk liquid, and can collect rainwater for agricultural drought.

3. Water bladdr tank is used in flood control and flood prevention, and can collect floods and apply to other industries.

4. It can be used commercially as a carrier for wine storage.

5. It can also be used to achieve beam bridge engineering testing.


If you need a special size or fitting, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can customize with your specific sizes for these large water bladder tanks range from 25 to 210,000 gallons. It can also be made with specific material according to your use.

Any quetions? Please feel free to contact us at 86-29-88369398/13201555591. Or just send us a quotation email to: We will response to you as soon as possible.


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