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Potable Water Bladder Tanks Are Shipping To Mombasa, Kenya Today

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Potable Water Bladder Tanks Are Shipping to Mombasa, Kenya Today

Five 40HQ containers carrying 2,500 potable pillow water tanks are shipping to Mombasa of Kenya today. These water bladders tank are one of our most popular products, which can store 10,000 liter water.

We cooperated with this client for five orders in 2017. Their new order was successfully negotiated in November 2018.

Regards to  terms of payment,T/T at sight and irrevocable letter of credit are acceptable for us,and we can also accept usance L/C,such as 100% irrevocable letter of credit from shipment date 30 days,60 days and 90 days,this payment method can give customer more time to finance funds.

As for this order,we use 100% irrevocable letter of credit from shipment date 60 days.

The customer distribute our potable water bladder tanks to their customers. These tanks are used for drinking water storage. Africa is quite short of water resources because of the dry climate. People need water tanks to storage both human drinking water and agricultural irrigation water, and our water tanks can solve this problem.

pillow drinking water tank for Kenya Police

We serve each customer with a devoted heart and perfect quanlity, and we hope that all of our customers are satisfied with our products and services.


Potable Water Bladder Tanks Shipment 1Potable Water Bladder Tanks Shipment 3


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