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Portable PVC Fabric Made Rain Barrel Rainwater Harvesting Flexible Container Supplier

Portable PVC fabric made rain barrel is not rigid plastic tank!It is stackable when it's empty.Capture rainwater to use again,100 to 3000 liters optional.The barrel folds flat for easy storage at the end of the season.
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Garden water storage barrels description

RAINBOW portable 500D PVC rain barrels harvesting rainwater storage container take up a smaller footprint, are Made in China,They each include a built-in spigot threaded to fit a standard garden hose for easy access to your water. The containers are also stackable, allowing you to get more water storage out of the space that you have available. Add a couple of these tanks to your emergency storage, water is the most critical thing you have stored to help get through an emergency situation!

Gallon rain barrel specification

Barrel CapacityDiameter x HeightSupporting rods
26 US Gal.Ø1.31' x H 2.56'3
42 US Gal.Ø1.64' x H 2.89'3
66 US Gal.Ø1.97' x H 2.89'3
100 US Gal.Ø2.46' x H 2.89'4
211 US Gal.Ø3.28' x H 3.28'4
264 US Gal.Ø3.61' x H 3.28'6
317 US Gal.Ø3.94' x H 3.61'6
396 US Gal.Ø4.27' x H 3.61'6
423 US Gal.Ø4.92' x H 2.95'8
528 US Gal.Ø4.92' x H 3.61'8
660 US Gal.Ø5.58' x H 3.61'8
660 US Gal.Ø5.25' x H 3.94'8
793 US Gal.Ø6.07' x H 3.61'10

100 gallon rain water barrels feature

1.Quick,no-hassle assembly.

2.have a removable,zippered lid to dip buckets.

3.Collapses easily and flat for seasonal or winter storage.

4.Attach to garden hose or to flex-pipe.

5.Not crack when frozen—flexible to -40F.

Giant rain barrel other application

1.As soaking seed barrel

2.Slurry collection

3.Gray water harvesting

4.Liquid fertilizer storage

5.Ammonia solution storage

6.Solution of caustic soda storage

100 to 3000 liter on optional,need any size?Call us at +86-29-8551-8382 or send e-mail to our team.  



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