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Portable Motorbike Jerry Can 7 Liter Flexible Fuel Bag On Sale

RAINBOW MADE portable motorbike jerry can is tough enough to withstand the harshest conditions.It's designed for safe temporary storage and transport of essential powersports fluids.It can store 7 liter diesel.
  • KSD-013
  • Keystar

Flexible diesel tank description

The nature of motorcycle and off-road riding often allows one to travel to remote regions, one of the reasons for making this sport so attractive.One big difficulty often comes with lack of fuel when traveling to far flung places.Thankfully there is an alternative.You can buy portable motorbike jerry can 7 liter flexible fuel bag because it is easily extend your traveling range now.

Fuel service tank specifications

Bursting pressure more 0.48MPa
Colordull dark green
No-load size450X370mm
Diameter of inlet & outlet 36mm
Height of drop test4.50m
Net Weight0.80kgs
Tolerance temperature -41℃~+85℃
Liquid fuels gasoline,diesel,avgas,jetA1,etc.
Vertical size after filled380X320X215mm
Layflat size after filled430X340X135mm
Surface resistance 2×109Ω
Lifespan3 years
Warranty24 month


*Storing Fuel Only

*Temporary Storage

*No Naked Flames

*No Smoking Near

*Do Not Overfill

*Avoid Sharp Objects

*Vent When Needed

Portable motorbike jerry can 7liter flexible fuel bag is specially designed for temporary storage fuel for motorcycle and off-road riding.The standard type is made from highly tensile polyester.Frame work material is terylene fabric coated with special polyurethane on both the material is Antistatic flame retardant material.



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