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Portable Canvas Onion Water Tanks Used In Florida

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Today, we got the feedback from our customer Kevin in  Florida. 

He said that our canvas onion water tank is a great choice for quick-use water storage. They use onion water tanks for emergency water storage  in firefighting. Their efficency has been higly improved thanks to the canvas water tanks. 

With the advantages of a low or high sided portable, easy to use, self-rising, our portable onion water tanks are  ideal for firefighting, emergency cases, or military needs. We offer customizable service from the material, size to shippment. We can manufacture water tanks with many material including vinyl, heavy duty PVC, FDA approved potable water matrials. Just tell us what kind of material and size you need, we can provide you specific service. 

Here are the application of our collapsible, portable water storage onion tanks:

1. Water Treatment

2. Storage of Recovered Crude Oil or Temporary fuel storage while refueling.

3. Temporary Residential and Domestic Water Storage

4. Emergency situation and Disaster Relief

5. Field Research

If you have questions about the Portable canvas onion water tanks, feel free to contact us.Just tell us what kind of material and size you need or where you want to use onion tanks, we can provide you specific service. 



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