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Plastic Outdoor Flexible Pvc Fish Tank Mobile Fish Pond Made In China

Item name: China PVC mobile fish ponds, collapsible fish tanks
Size: 3.0 x 3.0 x 1.0 m
Material of fish tank: pvc tarpaulin
Material of frame: steel with painting
With Quality guaranteed for 10 years 
  • KSD-004
  • Keystar

Plastic outdoor fish tank description 

RAINBOW export this kind of fish ponds to Africa and Sudan with large quantity with lower cost and good quality. Collapsible China pvc mobile fish ponds have varying water holding capacities. These range according to their sizes. The frame is made by steel with pvc coated surface, so it is durable and will not be out of the shape when full filled with water fully. We can produce fish ponds according to your requirments. The height of fish ponds ranges from 1.0m,1.30m to 1.50m. Welcome to purchase pvc mobile fish ponds with diverse size from us.

Best shrimp tanks detailed information

Model No.: KSD-002

China pvc mobile fish ponds can be used as nursery ponds and grow out ponds etc.

The Fish Tanks come in different shapes and sizes based on your specification (Dimensions as per customer requirements)

Packing: carton wrapped by woven bag

Fish farming at home tank specification

CodeSize(Dia.X Height)Water capacity
11.0x1.2m940 liter
22.1x1.2m4150 liter
32.5x1.2m5890 liter
43.0x1.2m8480 liter
53.4x1.2m10890 liter
63.8x1.2m13600 liter
74.3x1.2m17420 liter
85.1x1.2m24500 liter
95.5x1.2m28500 liter
106.0x1.2m33910 liter
111.0x1.5m1180 liter
122.1x1.5m5190 liter
132.5x1.5m7360 liter
143.0x1.5m10600 liter
153.4x1.5m13610 liter
163.8x1.5m17000 liter
174.3x1.5m21770 liter
185.1x1.5m30630 liter
195.5x1.5m35620 liter
206.0x1.5m42390 liter

Fish farming tank design features 

1. Being easy to assemble

2. Fireproof,Anti-bacterial and alkali resistant

3. Non-Toxic,thermo stable and cold resistance

4. Durability

Fish farming in a tank advantange

1.It is easy to fix on the ground

2. It will not distort after being filled with water

3. It has big supports for whole fish pond

4. Anti-corrosion materials

We can manufacture Plastic Outdoor Flexible Pvc Fish Tank with defferrent sizes.Our tanks are exported to oversea markets with large quantity.Also supply aeration system connecting with fish tanks to breed fish and shrimp.Please contact with us if you or your customers need them. We will do our best and offer you our best products and service.



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