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Pillow shape water storage tanks use for storage, transportation, irrigation

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The pillow water storage tanks ranging size is from 50L to 500,000L.  It can be used for water storage, transportation, irrigation, fire protection, swimming pool solutions, emergency water supply.

Water storage bags play an important role in transporting liquid materials, especially in hilly and mountainous areas. It can't be used normally due to seasonal changes during use. It can be folded and stored when not in use, reducing space consumption.


The water storage bag has good sealing and corrosion resistance, and is a reinforced material resistant to corrosion, antifreeze, anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet. It is not eroded by seawater, chemicals, chemicals, oil stains, acid and alkali and aquatic organisms: no pollution, Does not damage the environment.

Pillow tanks is made of made of PVC and TPU material.

TPU polyether for drinking water storage is FDA approved.

TPU polyester can also be used in fuel, oil, and gasoline storage and is widely used in oil fields, yachts, and jet storage.

PVC is used for non-potable water storage at reasonable prices.

pillow water storage tanks material


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