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Luxurious Garden Igloo

RAINBOW multipurpose geodesic dome is designed both as a winter garden and a summer canopy,reate comfortable outdoor living spaces for your Hobby,Greenhouse, Playground,Garden Storage,Conservatory, arden Shed.
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Clear igloo dome description

1.All the materials are environment friendly and 100% recycable. They can resist UV5 and stand the temperature from minus 30 degrees to 70 degrees above zero. Thus, our garden cottage can pass the examination of both RZACH and ROHOS

2.It does not require any tool for installation. It is easily assembled and disassembled with no inconvenience because of its smart structure. It does not need foundations and no construction permits are required.

3.Garden Cottage does not need regular maintenance as the materials used are high-quality and anti-corrosive. Only the cover may require occasional cleaning depending on the surrounding weather conditions.

Plastic igloo for garden advantage

1. Windproof and snowdefence

The design of round shape is very firm and can stand the strong wind and heavy snow. No matter how strong the  wind is, can the garden cottage stand stably.

2. Gain much solar energy and lights

No matter where the sun is, the garden cottage could transmit the lights without deviation so that it provides the best environment for human beings and plants.

3. Good Airflow and breath/ventilation

The network of canopy cover keeps good airflow and breath.

The transparent cover makes the heats distributed averagely.

You can adjust the window to keep air flow.

Igloo pods for dining content

1pc Standard frame,1pc Winter garden Cover,1pc Canopy Cover,Anchorage Kit.

Buy igloo dome detailed information

Diameter:3.60M,Max.Height:2.20M,Volume:16M3,Base Area:10M2,Window Vents:2



Gross Weight:24.8kgs


Durability:5 years



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