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Our Onion Bladder Tanks Are Successfully Used In Chile

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Thanks our Chile customer for sending us the picture of onion water bladder in using.

The Self-Supporting Onion Water Tanks are used for water storage, firefighting, and Disaster relief efforts. It is also called“Onion” shaped reservoirs / bladders.The water bladder is made of heavy duty fabrics, which can be used in manufacturing all kinds of liquid storage bladder tanks.


Here Are The Features of Onion Bladder Tanks

Opened on the top

Rapid emergency response.

Suitable for most environments and liquids.

Fast response tanks that take just minutes to set up with limited personnel.

Material and all fittings are appropriate for either potable water or hydrocarbons.

Customized according to client’s request.


We Rainbow is a professional Onion Bladder Tanks supplier for more than 12 years. Welcome to contact us if you have any question.



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