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Onion Water Tanks Are Widely Used In Field Project

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In February 2015, we received an inquiry from Thailand. We have been in contact with this customer for the past 3 years, and we finally had a successful coorperation these days.

I received the customer's order last week. He purchase several onion water bladder and serval pillow water bladder tank samples. As he said: Onion Top is for storing decontaminated water and the pillow Tank is for storing clean water. 

Today, this guest provided a picture. As can been seen from this picture, the onion water tank was used in outdoor or field projects.


We would like to tell you that onion water tank is one simple product, it has one ball valve on side bottom. You need put water hose into topof oniontank and people need hold the water wing firstly, and the onion water tank will stand by itself with water filling and filling.

Many customers choose onion water tank for water storage, for irrigation, for field operations, for grey water, and more. The water bladder tank capacity ranges from 50 liters to 10,000 liters. Compared with iron cans or hard plastic drums, the soft water bag is easy to carry and has no requirements for the using environment. After use, it can be folded and put away, which can be reused next time.

If you want to know more details about onion water tank, just do not hesitate to contact us. Email:

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