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Onion Pvc Water Tank With Cover Shipping To Singapore Today

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Mr. Poh is one of our regular customer from Singapore. We have be in great coorperation since 2006, and he keeps purchasing water bladder tanks from our company every year, most of which are top open onion water tank. This time, he has bought some onion PVC water tanks with cover to store raw water. His customers will use these water bladder tanks in engineering projects, which are far away from the city and the water source, so they need our water bags to be store and use water.

Top onion water tank is made of double-laminated industrial PVC tarpaulin, which has the capacity to resist the contained water, 100% waterproof and has a high degree of abrasion resistance. It must be completely waterproof and the seams must be heat sealed. It has handles on the side walls and cover on the upper.

Here are the water pvc water tank and pumps he needs. Before filling the water in the water bladder, the user fills the air into the upper edge with 3L bellows footpump. It has a self-supporting design, so that the tank will sustain itself during the filling of it.

Onion pvc water tank with cover can also store rainwater, ash water, liquid fertilizer, soak rice seeds, raise fish, and so on. If you have this kind of requirement, it will be a great choice. 

Please contact us  if you have any doubts about our products . We can customize different shape, colors, sizes of products as your requirments. Email:


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