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TPU Drinking Water Bladder Tanks 50,000liter Shipping To Switzerland Today

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On November 15, one of customers from Switzerland placed the order about pillow TPU drinking water bladder tanks to us, and  we delivered tanks to Qingdao port today.

The capacity of the water bladder bag is 50,000liter with quantity 10sets. He choosed the food grade TPU material, which is certified by the FDA of the United States. The material is food grade and it is very safe to put drinking water for people to drink. He said his client would put and fill water to water bladder tanks in the farm to store irrigation water,and use water to plant the vegetables in the fields. His client was running a large farm. We can make sure that he attaches great importance to the safety of vegetables.

The military green TPU material drinking water bladder tanks are usually used to store drinking water.  If you need drinking water bladder tanks or other water/liquid storage bladder tanks, please feel free to contact with us to get more information.


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