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Water canister1.jpg
Water canister and its design

A water container, pitcher, or jug is a medium-sized portable container used for the transport, storage, and use of water. Large plastic bottles are sometimes called "jars". For example, jugs can be used for drinking water, waste water or showers. Water jugs are used for hiking, camping, boat trips,

2023 04-07
Hydration pack.jpg
Hydration pack and its uses

A hydration pack or drink pouch is a hydration system constructed as a backpack or fanny pack that contains a reservoir or "bladder" usually made of rubber or flexible plastic. The reservoir contains a capped spout for filling liquid and a hose that allows the wearer to drink hands-free. Most hose e

2023 04-06
Electric water heaters.png
Difference between a storage heater and an instant heater

A storage water heater or hot water system (HWS) is a domestic hot water appliance that uses a hot water storage tank to maximize the water's heating capacity and provide instant hot water delivery. [1] Traditional storage water heaters use a variety of fuels, including natural gas, propane, oil, an

2023 03-31
Electric water heaters1.jpg
Corrosion and prevention of Electric water heaters

Most electric water heaters use a resistive element to heat water in a storage tank. Two-element electric water heaters have one element at the top of the storage tank and one element at the bottom. Each element is controlled by an independent thermostat. The lower element recovers from standby loss

2023 03-30
portable drinking water tanks.jpg
Water-sensitive urban design and Principles

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is a land planning and engineering design approach that integrates the urban water cycle (including stormwater, groundwater, wastewater management and water supply) into urban design to minimize environmental degradation and enhance aesthetic and recreational attr

2023 03-24
Hot water storage tank1.jpg
What is Hot water storage tank

Hot water storage tanks (also known in Afrikaans as hot water tanks, thermal storage tanks, hot water thermal storage units, thermal storage tanks, hot water tanks, and geysers[1]) are tanks used to store hot water for space heating or home use.Water is a convenient heat storage medium because of it

2023 03-23
Dunk tank1.jpg
Contamination and maintenance Of Rainwater tank

Contamination and maintenanceOf Rainwater tankRainwater tanks (sometimes called rain barrels in North America, referring to smaller tanks, or buckets in the UK) are tanks used to collect and store rainwater runoff, usually through pipes, off the roof. A rainwater tank is a device that collects and h

2023 03-17
Dunk tank3.jpg
Origin and Safety of Dunk tank

Dunk cans, also known as dunk booths or dunk machines, are a common feature at fairs, fundraisers and celebrations in Canada and the United States. It consists of a huge tank, above which a volunteer sits on a collapsible bench. When the ball hits the goal, the seat collapses and "dumps" the volunte

2023 03-16
Fixed roof tank1.jpg
Fixed roof tank and its Applications

A fixed-roof tank is a storage tank, used to store liquids, consisting of a conical or dome-shaped roof permanently affixed to a cylindrical shell. Newer tanks are usually fully welded and designed to be liquid and vapor tight. However, older tanks are usually riveted or bolted and are not airtight.

2023 03-10
External floating roof tank.jpeg
External floating roof tank Advantages and Disadvantages

An external floating roof tank is a type of storage tank commonly used to store large quantities of petroleum products such as crude oil or condensate. It consists of an open-topped cylindrical steel shell fitted with a roof floating on the surface of the stored liquid. The roof rises and falls wit

2023 03-09