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Pillow Storage Rainwater Tank With Umbrella For Nepal Customer

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We found a new use of PVC water bladder tank as irrigation water tank. In the past three months, we contacted a Nepalese customer who asked to make an umbrella. An inch hole was made in the middle of the umbrella to connect the umbrella with the PVC water bladder tank. The collected rainwater can be kept in the water tank through this hole, and the herbs can be irrigated with rainwater. They will plant a large area of Chinese herbal medicine in Nepal.

Last week, we went to Shanghai to meet the client from Nepal with the small sample, the guest said,our rain fall ratio is 250 mm per year. our umbrella should able to fill the tank  so we needs 2 sheets for a tank.not only that, Nepal is a hilly country. total rain use to be in 3 month of the year , other time is dry. there is no water resource in dry season. but it is potential for fruits, vegetable and medicinal hubs. 48% or 2.5 million household of total population leave in hilly region.

Our package of water tank means water storage bladder size is 3 M x 1.5 M x 1.2 M length, wide and height or not less than 5000 liter capacity. this bladder definitely content  intake and outlet with pipe joining facility and closing. its durability should be more then 10 years.

umbrella means waterproof two separate sheet of cloth, 3 M x 3 M  size. 10 hole in every 1 meter  perimeter having silver cover to hold using plastic rope to collect water during rain. middle of the sheet should have hole attach with steel cup to join pipe for deliver water to tank.this hole should covered by a net to filter the lief or other such things which can block the pipe. 

The customer is very satisfied with our samples. He said that he would come to further discuss with us in March 2020. The quantity is about 5000 sets. Finally, he would cooperate with us by letter of credit.

Welcome to contact us  if you have any doubts about our products . We can customize different shape, colors, sizes of products as your requirments. Email:


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