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Flexible Pilow Fuel Storage BladderTank Sending To Nigeria

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Thanks Asman for trusting.

40 pieces of flexible fuel bladders are send to Asman in Nigeria today

Those flexible fuel storage bladder tanks, known as fuel bladders,collapsible fuel bladder tanks, are ideal easy fuel storage solution. It is flat when empty and low profile after filled with fuel or chemicals. These flexible fuel bladder tanks are constructed using the supreme heavy-duty pvc or tpu coating fabric. The fuel bladders are with customized sizes for the spare spaces. The regular sizes are 200L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 5000L, 10000L 20000L etc.

With more than 13 years experience in fuel bladders supplying, we are a reliable supplier you can trust.

Customized size flexible fuel storage bladder tanks are available upon request. If you have any special request, please contact us now.  Email:


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